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Bonalumi Bottlers
Österlen Gin

Bonalumi Bottlers Österlen Gin is a London Dry Gin destilled between golden fields and the sea in the picturesque Österlen region in Sweden, also known as "Little Provence". Famous for its graceful coastlines and a vast diversity of berries and flowers.

Dedicated to quality drives our production of artisanal, tailormade batches with local botanicals. Each bottle sealed and stamped by the master distiller. Each cut is approved before bottling to ensure flavor continuity.

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Bonalumi Bottlers österlen gin Systembolaget
Bonalumi Bottlers Österlen Gin
The fields of Bonalumi Bottlers farm

It is within the heart of Österlen that two swedish brothers, Daniel and Marcus, found a quaint farm near the fishing town of simrishamn to settle down. Bewitched by the landscapes and their unique flora, they decided to capture this canvas of flavors and scents within a bottle of gin.

Marcus Bonalumi
Daniel Bonalumi

The brothers


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